Daniel Bellingradt in Lund

LUCK will organize a lecture and seminar with Daniel Bellingradt (Augsburg):

Tuesday, 21 March, 17:15–19.00, Daniel Bellingradt will give the lecture “Entangled Perspectives: Media Echoes in a Communication History of Early Modern Europe”.

The lecture will take place in LUX:B152 and on Zoom: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/67551989790


Wednesday, 22 March, 13:15–15.00, we will discuss the chapter “Reconstructing the early modern news world: Urban space, political conflict, and local publishing in Hamburg” (attached), which Bellingradt has written together with Claudia Heise.

The seminar will take place in LUX:C436 and on Zoom. Please contact Jonas Nordin (jonas.nordin@kultur.lu.se) to receive a Zoom link. 

The lecture and seminar are jointly organized by Book History, History of Ideas and Sciences, Media History and LUCK.

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