Launching the yearbook History of Intellectual Culture

On Tuesday 13 December, 13.15­–15.00 (CET), we will organize this semester’s last history of knowledge seminar. Earlier this autumn, the first volume of the new yearbook History of Intellectual Culture (De Gruyter) was published. It is devoted to the history of knowledge. To celebrate this, we will present the yearbook at the seminar and discuss what it means to create a new scholarly publication.

The seminar comprises a general introduction to the yearbook by the editors, Charlotte A. Lerg (Munich), Jana Weiß (Austin) and Johan Östling (Lund). After that, two of the authors – Emily Steinhauer (London) and Måns Ahlstedt Åberg (Hong Kong) – will present their articles.

This will be an online event only. Please contact to receive a Zoom link.

History of Intellectual Culture is available open access. You can read more about it here:

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

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