Welcome, Thomas Mougey!

Thomas Mougey is a postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in History of Science from Maastricht University. His research focuses on science and international relations as well as on the practices of science popularization. For the past three years, he has investigated the culture, politics and materiality of the myriad of international congresses held during the Universal Expositions of the period 1878–1913. This autumn, Thomas will be working at LUCK on a postdoc project proposal titled ‘Designing the International Conference as Technique of International Knowledge Circulation, 1900–1980.’ It investigates efforts to purposefully theorize and systematize the conference to improve its role as mode of knowledge circulation in a shifting international order. The project seeks to conceptualize a new category of knowledge actors, what he calls the architects of circulation, and explore the ways in which they variously reinvented the international conference as a standard mode of knowledge circulation.

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