Thank you!

On Thursday we concluded the second annual Summer school in the history of knowledge at the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge, this year held as a zoom event. The summer school gathered 14 PhD students from different disciplines in nine universities, in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Together with six researchers from LUCK, who acted as teachers and supervisors, the participants discussed new theoretical and empirical literature within the field of the history of knowledge and digital history. Recurring themes in the discussions were methodological perspectives such as circulation and knowledge arenas; the meaning and borders of the concept of knowledge; and the relation between history of knowledge and adjacent research fields and disciplines. Adding to this, we had sessions dedicated to discussing the participants own PhD projects. All in all, the week was highly productive and inspiring, even though we did not manage to meet in Lund. We at LUCK would like to thank all the participants for a great week, and we look forward to seeing your work develop in the future! 

Anton, Johan, Ragni, Lovisa, Kajsa, and David.

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