A year of seminars

On 24 May, the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) organized this spring’s last seminar. This academic year we have all in all hosted 13 digital seminars (1 was cancelled), ranging from big international events on the relationship between the history of knowledge and the history of education to in-depth discussions of new studies of very particular themes. In general, we have managed to engage quite a few researchers in our activities, many of them coming from different disciplines, universities and countries. On average, each seminar has had 28 participants. We would like to thank all our guests and participants! Next academic year, we will continue with digital seminars (perhaps combined with hybrid formats).

The first seminar will take place on Zoom on 21 September, 1.15–3.00pm (CET): “The History of Ignorance”, with Peter Burke and Lukas Verburgt. Welcome! 

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

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