Swedish Research Council funds histories of knowledge

The Swedish Research Council has announced the new projects that it will fund and we are very delighted that several of them will explore dimensions of the history of knowledge.

Anna Nilsson Hammar and Svante Norrhem (history, Lund) will study Swedish aristocratic households 1618-1710 and what opportunities they offered to servants in terms of careers, furthering of skill, education and social mobility. Research on early modern education and careers has often focused on formal knowledge institutions such as schools, universities and guilds, while the early modern aristocratic household has been over-looked as a site for knowledge production, socialization and possible catalyst for careers and social mobility.

Anton Jansson (history, Lund) has received funding for writing a history of atheism in Sweden between 1879 and 1968. Martin Ericsson (history, Lund) will analyse a scientific discipline that disappeared by investigating the production and circulation of racial knowledge in Sweden in the mid-20th century.

In addition, scholars at other departments got funding for pursuing research within the history of knowledge. For instance, Marie Cronqvist (media history, Lund) will explore mass communication theories and media practices in the service of the Swedish psychological defence (1953–1985) and Linda Andersson Burnett (history, Linnaeus University) will analyse prehistory, race and instructions for “scientific” travellers, c. 1750–1850.



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