Workshop at Häckeberga Castle

On 4–5 November, twenty-two historians met at beautiful Häckeberga Castle for an intense and productive workshop, “The Future of the History of Knowledge”. Bringing together historians of knowledge from Lund and scholars from different Nordic universities, we discussed ongoing projects as well as possible frameworks for future research and applications. Next year we will hopefully meet again for a second workshop. The overarching goal is to stimulate new research and new collaborations in the history of knowledge.

Participants in the first workshops:

Anna Nilsson Hammar, Lund
Anton Jansson, Lund
Björn Lundberg, Lund
Charlotta Forss, Stockholm
David Larsson Heidenblad, Lund
Erik Bodensten, Lund
Erling Sandmo, Oslo
Fredrik Norén, Umeå
Isak Hammar, Stockholm
Johan Östling, Lund
Julia Dahlberg, Helsinki
Kajsa Brilkman, Lund
Kari Nordberg, South-Eastern Norway
Karolina Enquist Källgren, Lund
Laura Skouvig, Copenhagen
Linn Holmberg, Stockholm
Mari Eyice, Stockholm
Maria Simonsen, Ålborg
Morten Fink-Jensen, Copenhagen
Ragni Svensson, Lund
Staffan Bergwik, Stockholm
Victoria Höög, Lund

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