Thank you, Anne, Eva, Marina, Valentina & Thomas!

For two weeks, five guest researchers have been staying at the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge: Eva Andersen (Antwerp), Marina Bezzi (Brasília), Anne Brædder (Roskilde), Valentina Mann (Cambridge/Florence) and Thomas Ruoss (Zurich). Together, we have discussed their exciting ongoing research, we have debated James Secord’s new article in Isis, we have interacted with Daniel Bellingradt (who also visited Lund) and much more.

For us, it has been a truly enriching experience to get to know Anne, Eva, Marina, Valentina and Thomas a little bit and to discuss the history of knowledge with them. We hope to keep in touch in various ways and develop new collaborations.

In October this year, we expect to have a new call in LUCK’s International Visiting Fellowship Programme. Hopefully, we can welcome new, interesting visiting researchers to Lund next spring.

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