History of Knowledge seminar series @LUCK

The Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) will offer a seminar series this autumn and we are very happy to invite you to join us.

Registration is not required but please contact johan.ostling@hist.lu.se to receive a Zoom link.

12 September, 13.15–15.00 (Zoom)
‘Our History’ – a citizen science project on historical experiences of the family revolution (c. 1960–1990) in Denmark
Cecilie Bjerre & Klaus Petersen (Odense)
Jointly organized with DigitalHistory@Lund

3 October, 11.30–13.00 (LUX:A332)
Text seminar: Professionshistoria och kunskapsarbetare

12 October, 13.15–15.00 (LUX:C214)
Kunskapscirkulation i och genom arbetsliv
Fredrik Thue & Jan Messel (Oslo)

10 November, 13.15–15.00 (LUX:A332 & Zoom)
Knowledge workers: Craft and creativity in a long term perspective
Bert de Munck (Antwerpen)
Jointly organized with Higher Seminar in History

29 November, 13.15–15.00 (LUX:A332 & Zoom)
Cosmopolitalism, the Very Idea
Kapil Raj (Paris)
Jointly organized with Higher Seminar in History

13 December, 13.15–15.00 (Zoom)
Presentation of the new international yearbook
History of Intellectual Culture

Charlotte A. Lerg (Munich), Johan Östling (Lund), Jana Weiß (Austin), Emily Steinhauer (London), Måns Ahlstedt Åberg (Hong Kong)

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