Danish Network on the History of Knowledge Receives Funding for a Series of Seminars and Workshops

The network on the history of knowledge in Denmark, HoKDK, has received funding from the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University, to organize four seminars and a two-day workshop during the autumn of 2022. Behind the application are Johan Heinsen (Aalborg University) Laura Skouvig (University of Copenhagen), and Maria Simonsen (Aalborg University).

The network on the history of knowledge in Denmark was established last year by Laura Skouvig and Maria Simonsen as a meeting place for senior researchers and talented young scholars from universities and museums across the country. The network was announced in connection with the seminar “The history of knowledge” at the Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus University, in November last year. During spring 2022, we have met several times and discussed our current projects, key texts, and the opportunities for coming projects.

Three of the seminar series in the autumn semester explore the overall themes of the boundaries between legitimate and illegitimate knowledge, while the fourth seminar discusses digital tools for exploring the history of knowledge. The seminars will take place on Zoom. The series ends with a workshop in Aalborg where invited Scandinavian experts in the history of knowledge present current and future research projects and discuss and provide feedback on future research grant applications prepared by the Danish network.

If you want to know more about the network or participate in the upcoming program, please contact Laura Skouvig, laura.skouvig@hum.ku.dk, or Maria Simonsen, simonsen@dps.aau.dk.

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