Writing Beyond Academia

Many researchers want to write for more than just their colleagues. But what does it take to write essays and columns for newspapers, take part in podcasts, and publish books at major publishing houses? What is required? What challenges do you face? And how do you switch between different modes of writing and thinking? And what does editors and publishers think about interacting with scholars?

On the 24th of May, LUCK invites all interested to take part in a live panel discussion in Lund about these issues. The theme is “Writing Beyond Academia” and the discussion will be held in Swedish (and recorded as a podcast).  

The panelists are: Magnus Bremmer (Anekdot/Bildningspodden), Lars Molin (editor at Norstedts), Ida Ölmedal (chief editor for the cultural pages of Sydsvenskan), Rebecca Selberg (sociologist and contributor to Expressen), and Simon Sorgenfrei (religious studies, current with a book about the first muslims in Sweden).

The panel will be moderated by David Larsson Heidenblad, deputy director of LUCK.

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