2 Project Application Positions in the History of Knowledge

We are now seeking 2 researchers to write research applications with the aim to strengthen the Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge, connected to the Wallenberg Academy Fellow (WAF) project “Knowledge in Motion” led by Johan Östling.The WAF project are funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and located within the Subject of History at the Department of History.

The positions are linked to one of the two specialisations:

  1. History of knowledge. The applicant is invited to develop a promising history of knowledge research issue that forms the basis for a competitive application. There are no specific thematic, chronological, geographical, methodological or theoretical requirements; however, project proposals aimed at developing the history of knowledge as a field will be prioritised, for example through the presentation of original research questions or the application of innovative perspectives.
  1. European history of knowledge after circa 1980. The applicant is to formulate a research question about European history of knowledge from a contemporary history perspective. It is an advantage for the project proposal to connect to the history of European integration, European knowledge policy, the history of European universities or changes to the European knowledge community. Comparative and/or transnational studies are particularly welcome.

Applications are to clearly indicate the position being applied for. The aim is to make one appointment in each specialisation. The research applications will generally be directed at Riksbankens Jubileumsfond’s and the Swedish Research Council’s calls for applications for project grants in the spring of 2023, however, there may be other relevant funding bodies, and, in this case, they are to be specified. Any external funds awarded as a result of the applications written within the scope of the positions are expected to be allocated to the Subject of History at Lund University. If the applicant holds a position at another department, a certificate from the head of department is required confirming that any external funds awarded can be allocated to the Department of History, Lund University.

Application deadline: 15 May 2022

For more information, see https://lu.varbi.com/en/what:job/jobID:487073/type:job/where:4/apply:1

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

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