Ph.D. position in History of Knowledge

A Doctoral Research Fellowship in history of ideas/history of knowledge is available at the Department of philosophy, classics, history of art and ideas, University of Oslo. The fellowship is part of the research project “Maritime Modernities: Formats of Oceanic Knowledge”, funded by the Research Council of Norway.

The project investigates the history of knowledge and environmental awareness in, around and beyond the Atlantic Ocean, from the expansion of human activities at sea in the seventeenth century to contemporary initiatives to aggregate knowledge about the oceans’ resources, ecology and impact on climate. In particular, the project explores how records, maps and models have inscribed, arranged and transported knowledge and awareness of the seas, and how these “formats of ocean knowledge” have shaped how the oceans have been used, perceived, appropriated and regulated.

The PhD fellow will join an international and interdisciplinary group of established scholars from different fields (history of science and technology, media theory, the history of knowledge and cartography, maritime and environmental history and environmental humanities) led by Ellen Krefting, professor of history of ideas. The project collaborates with partnering institutions such as The Map Centre at the National Library of Norway, which also holds material that is important for the project’s research design.

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Photo by Michael Ankes on Unsplash

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