A warm welcome to Maria Simonsen!

For the next two month, Maria Simonsen will be visiting fellow at LUCK – Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge.

Maria is an Associate Professor in History at the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University and part of a three-year talent program for younger researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences.  She earned her PhD in Book History from Lund University in December 2016. Her research interests include the history of book, history of knowledge, university history, and digital history. She has published widely on the history of Scandinavian encyclopedias and the history of knowledge.

Maria is currently conducting a three-year research project entitled “Knowledge for the World: The History of Aalborg University, 1974–2024”. In September 2024, Aalborg University celebrates its 50th anniversary. For this up-coming anniversary, Maria is writing the history of Aalborg University from a perspective of the history of knowledge.

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