New Book and Blog about Academic Writing

David Larsson Heidenblad’s book about academic writing and postdoctoral experiences is now available in English! A Year of Academic Writing: Experiences and Methods for Early Career Researchers (Studentlitteratur, 2021) began its life as a blog that sought to document the writing of a “second book” (in Sweden PhD-thesis in history are published as books). David set out to publish weekly blog posts, documenting his writing process, sharing things he learnt as a postdoc, and highlight various early career research-issues.

The blog struck a chord in its niche and soon also became popular in wider circles. In April 2020, the blog was published in book form and shortly thereafter readers started asking for an English version to share with international colleagues. As a result of their insistence, the book has now been translated by Rikard Ehsniö and is fresh off the presses.

In addition, the English version will be published in blog form with a two-year delay, from February 1 2021 to February 1 2022. Follow it here:

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