Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge receives grant to promote digital history

A new partnership between Media History and LUCK to promote digital history receives 3.3 million kr. from the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University. Named DigitalHistory@Lund, the new platform will support digital history research and digitization projects at Lund University.

Launching in January 2021, DigitalHistory@Lund aims to integrate existing digital history research, support the development of new projects, promote digital history skills, and build closer ties with partners outside academia.

DigitalHistory@Lund is coordinated by Media History and LUCK, and it involves faculty members in a wide range of historical subjects at Lund, as well as partners at the Humanities Lab, Lund University Library, and the National Library of Sweden.

The initiative is headed by Marie Cronqvist (Media History), Sune Bechmann Pedersen (Media History) and Kajsa Weber (History), together with a full-time research engineer dedicated to assisting faculty members with digital history projects. The ambition for the 2-year initiative is to develop new successful projects that will ensure a sustained focus on the challenges and opportunities of digital history in Sweden.

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