David’s blog is back

David Larsson Heidenblad’s blog on academic writing and postdoctoral experiences is back! The second instalment of “Ett år av akademiskt skrivande” will focus on the early phases of the research process: the probing of archives, surveying new strands of literature, the writing of seed-money grant applications, and in general finding your footing in a new field.

In addition, David is a new guest blogger for the Swedish Research Council’s web magazine Curie, were he blogs about research on academic writing and how to build good and sustainable writing practices. While both blogs are written in Swedish, the book Ett år av akademiskt skrivande is currently under translation to English and will be available in 2021.  

Link to the blog: https://davidlarssonheidenblad.blogspot.com/

Link to the Curie-blog: https://www.tidningencurie.se/nyheter/2020/08/19/david-larsson-heidenblad-ny-bloggare-i-curie/

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