Thematic issue of Slagmark: History of Knowledge

The journal Slagmark, founded in 1983, is the only Danish journal for history of ideas/intellectual history. Its latest issue is a thematic issue devoted to the history of knowledge, edited by Anton Jansson, postdoc at Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge, and Maria Simonsen, Aalborg University, Denmark, who belongs to the Nordic Advisory Board of the centre.

Taking earlier cooperation between Scandinavian countries within the field of the history of knowledge as inspiration, Jansson and Simonsen let this issue be Scandinavian, and invited authors not only from Denmark and Sweden, but also Norway. The result was that the issue includes two empirical peer reviewed articles from each Scandinavian country, written in the respective language. Adding to this, Jansson and Simonsen have penned a preface (in Danish) and a form of essayistic overview of the field (in Swedish). In this latter essay, specific focus is put on a discussion of the relation between history of knowledge and history of ideas, which is uniquely institutionalized as a discipline in the three Scandinavian countries.

As mentioned, the articles are written in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, but to get an overview of the content, here are the titles also in English (the issue also contains English abstracts):

Anton Jansson (Gothenburg) & Maria Simonsen (Aalborg): “History of knowledge, history of ideas, and other forms of history: An overview in Scandinavian perspective”

Anne Eriksen & Ellen Krefting (Oslo): “The power and materiality of form: On studying the forms of knowledge in catechisms and ship’s logs”

Anne Helness (Oslo): “The circulation of a shipwreck tale in three early modern knowledge projects”

Lars Andersen (Aalborg): “The death smell of modern civilisation? Moral statistical perspectives on suicide in 19th century Denmark”

Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg (DTU, Lyngby): “The childhood of electrical engineering in Denmark: Analysed from a history of knowledge perspective”

Henrik Lundberg (Gothenburg): “Arne Næss and Ingemar Hedenius as dramatic intellectuals: A case for a shared theory for the sociology of knowledge and the history of knowledge”

Johan Kärnfelt (Gothenburg): “The Herschel telescope of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: An instrument biography”


For those of you who read the Scandinavian languages (or would like to learn?), the issue can be bought here:

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