New Book on Academic Writing

David Larsson Heidenblad’s new book Ett år av akademiskt skrivande: Erfarenheter och arbetstekniker för unga forskare (Studentlitteratur, 2020) is out! The book draws on his popular blog on academic writing and postdoctoral experiences. The blog was written in symbiosis with his book project on the environmental turn in Sweden around 1970, and provides unique insights into the development of the history of knowledge in Lund.

The book is directed towards young scholars trying to master their professional role, their mentors, and everyone interested in the manifold facets of contemporary scholarly life. In addition to practical advice and direct experiences, the book also addresses the more general academic challenges of work-life balance, gender equality, internationalisation, and parenthood.

For more information about the book:

Read the blog (in Swedish):

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