Cfp: History of Knowledge in Slagmark

History of knowledge is establishing itself in the Scandinavian countries, and is in many ways doing so through cooperation between Swedish, Danish and Norwegian researchers. For instance, one published and one forthcoming edited volume produced in Lund include researchers from all three countries. A further step is now taken in that the Danish History of ideas journal Slagmark in 2020 is publishing a special issue with the aim of continuing and widening the discussion about history of knowledge. Of special interest is the relation between the History of ideas, which is an independent discipline in all of the Scandinavian countries, and the field of history of knowledge. The issue will gather contributions in all three Scandinavian languages, and will be edited by Maria Simonsen (Ålborg, Denmark) and Anton Jansson (Lund, Sweden).
You will find the entire Call for Papers (in Danish) here:



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