A warm welcome to Ragni Svensson!

Foto RagniWe have the pleasure to introduce and welcome Ragni Svensson to our research environment in Lund. Ragni Svensson is a postdoctoral researcher in History. Since March 2019 she works with Johan Östling and Anton Jansson in a Wallenberg funded research programme focusing on societal knowledge circulation in Sweden and West Germany during the 1970s. Svensson’s research investigates how theories and practices of the New Left movement circulated within a network of socialist book cafes, as well as how these networks communicated with the surrounding society, through the production and dissemination of different kinds of media. Svensson holds a Ph.D. in Book History from Lund University. In her doctoral thesis she examined publishing strategies and value systems on the Swedish bookmarket, through the case study of the small but reputed publisher Bo Cavefors. Her research interests include European print culture and the history of knowledge, especially during the postwar period.

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