New postdoc in the history of knowledge @Lund

Karolina Enquist Källgren Göteborgs universitet

Karolina Enquist Källgren is a postdoc at the Department of History. She studies intellectual history with a particular interest in epistemology, exile and the circulation of knowledge. In her current project she is investigating the relationship between theology and quantum physics between the years 1925-1934. Her study focuses on the interaction between Spanish catholic theologian Xavier Zubiri, and among others Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg, at the Max Planck seminar in Berlin. The objective is to understand the ways in which mutual problems and concepts circulated between disciplines, contributing to developing not the least quantum physics. Her doctoral thesis Subjectivity from exile, sign and place in the works of María Zambrano, dealt with the reception and debates about Erkhenntnistheorie in Spanish philosophy before the Civil War through the lens of the theory of subjectivity developed by philosopher María Zambrano. The thesis is currently being re-written for publication with Palgrave McMillan.

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